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If you have a genuine love or interest in Performing Arts, then you have come to the right place. Visit all my pages to find out what classes float your boat, then book and simply show up!

From Dance to Drama for all ages, levels and abilities, Adele Francesca can guarantee you will find your inner performer!

How My Dream Began

I have had a natural love for Performing Arts since I could walk and talk…

My career in the arts began when I was 4 years old where I attended classes in Ballet, Tap & Modern Dance, as well as Drama classes. Throughout my childhood I was awarded medals, trophies and LAMDA certificates, granting my foundations as a performer. I then went on to achieve my AVCE in Performing Arts which gave me opportunities to work for BBC Radio Derby and perform in theatres, showcases and festivals around the East Midlands. I was then scouted as a gifted and talented student and went on to train and perform in Georgia, USA. Following that I performed in the West End, London as a Dancer and Actress. I was then asked to artistically direct and choreograph an urban based West End Youth Production. This was when I discovered my passion for teaching.

Since graduating from University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, I have moulded myself into a professional performer and teacher. I eat, breathe and sleep dance and have a strong devotion to dramatic art. I have pushed all boundaries as an artist and now follow the pathway to success through teaching others. My ultimate goal is to help children and adults discover their hidden talents and have fun whilst doing so!

“Opening my very own Performance Academy means that I will never have to work a day in my life again, I simply love what I do.”

Classes For Everyone

Affordable, Derby based classes for all the family.
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  • "Adele's Streetasize class brightens up my week... I love dancing to great music, old and new! Learning new routines each week is such a great workout for my brain as well as body, although we laugh so much that I don't even feel like I'm working out at the time! The classes have the perfect balance of structure with a laid back approach, allowing you to push yourself to a level you are comfortable with in a fun and friendly environment!"

    Abbie White, 24
  • "Adele's street dance class is really enjoyable to come to. It's always fun and active. There's lots of funky styles of dance. You have a nice, kind and special teacher to dance with you and you can meet friends and then be best friends when you're dancing and get to do performances and competitions together."

    Maddie Anderson-White, 8
  • "Adele is the best street dance teacher I’ve had. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to her classes every week knowing I’ll leave smiling.

    Adele pitches her classes perfectly for all abilities and combines great elements of dance with a fun workout. She throws everything she has into the classes and makes you want to do the same. She’s constantly bringing new moves and techniques so you can develop your skills, but she also encourages freedom of style to let your own personality shine through.

    Come to one class and you'll be hooked for life."

    Danielle Coxon, 27
  • "I really enjoy Adele's, because she brings different styles but it still looks amazing and every one loves it there. She gives you a chance to share your style of dance and we're not a dance crew, we're a family."

    Diontai Harper-Simpson, 11
  • "Adele's street dance class is fab, fun and choreographed for everybody at different levels.The steps are broken down to a basis level with a routine being pulled together at the end of each class - no two classes are the same which makes each week interesting, not knowing what adele has up her sleeve from week to week. As a 39 1/2 yr old (1/2 bring very important) the classes make me feel like a young teenager. Age is not an issue when in adele's class as the group make u feel ageless and of course, footloose."

    Jo Moody, 39
  • "I love Adele's dance classes, she is an amazing dancer!! I look forward go her dance classes every week. She makes up the best dance routines and when I grow up I want to be just like her!"

    Katie Suciu, 9
  • "I have been attending Adele's classes for about 3 years and I have learnt so much and I have grown in confidence and as a person. I really like Adele's classes because it is such a friendly environment filled with friendly people and it is really great to see different age ranges getting involved! Adele has done amazing things and I can see her doing amazingly well in the future."

    Sophie Walker, 17
  • "I like going to Adele's classes because the routines are really good and she is really fun to dance with and the best dance teacher ever, I wish I could go every day!!!"
    Alisha Hunter, 10

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